PICO Laser Treatment Has its Risks. Some Are Unsafe.


Nowadays, there are many places offering PICO Laser treatments. PICO Laser treatment is a type of treatment that uses a high-powered laser machine on the skin to eliminate pigmentation such as freckles or to remove scars like acne scars.

But did you know that not all PICO Laser treatments offered are the same and SAFE?

One fundamental thing you need to know is:


  • Every equipment/machine used for medical or treatment purposes in Malaysia needs to be monitored and registered with the MEDICAL DEVICE AUTHORITY (MDA), an agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).
  • This is to ensure that the machines used comply with safe specifications, standards, and are well-maintained. (MOH can conduct spot checks at premises to ensure compliance with regulations.)
  • If any issues arise during the treatment, customer/patient complaints can be investigated by the authorities.

Imagine receiving PICO Laser treatment, but ending up with even worse problems, and no one can be held accountable.

So, for your peace of mind, make sure:

1) The PICO Laser treatment is done at a registered clinic. (Registered clinics are regularly inspected by MOH.)

2) The operator of the PICO machine is a trained and certified doctor. (You can check the doctor's name on the MOH website.)

3) The premises offering PICO Laser treatment do not make exaggerated promises. (Because in reality, treatment results vary depending on the diagnosis/problem.)

May we all become wiser consumers.







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